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YouthBuild Financial Literacy Seminar with Chuck O'Keefe

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

Mr. Chuck O'Keefe, Financial Advisor with Edward Jones of Elizabeth City, presented a six-part seminar on financial literacy to students, staff, and mentors of River City YouthBuild.

The seminar was planned to kick off the month of January to set the tone for the year. During these seminars Mr. O'Keefe provided the YouthBuild team with information on how to invest in their growth and how to begin saving money towards their retirement plan. All students, staff and mentors greatly benefited from the four sessions that Mr. O'Keefe presented

The four sessions were (1) Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds and Investment Risk, (2) Quality Investing, Diversification, and Long-term focus, (3) Guest Speaker & Co-Presenter Steve Bernard of B&M Contractors, who presented "The Challenges of Learning How and When to Invest as a Young Person", and (4) Returned Accounts, Traditional/Roth or 401K.

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