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North East Trades Training Center

Industry-Recognized Training

The North East Trades Training Center (NETTC) offers training that initially focuses on industry-recognized certifications in plumbing and landscaping, including the HBI-PACT Curriculum, and industry-recognized certification program available through the Home Builders Institute.   
RCCDC plans to recruit 30-35 individuals who are under/unemployed and/or dislocated workers that are 18 years of age and older and reside in a six-county area of northeastern North Carolina to participate in the program and provide them with 12 months of instruction and hands-on work experience repairing low-income housing and 12 months of job placement follow up to increase retention.   
Golden LEAF funding will be used for renovation costs, equipment, participant stipends, training costs, certification / credentials fees, and operating expenses.

For more information on the plumbing and landscaping programs, email or call 252-331-2925.

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