Business Development: Renaissance Square

Hand in hand with the “shops within a shop” theme is another entrepreneur-boosting experiment happening in Elizabeth City called The Incubator Project.

The Incubator Project is a subdivision of the River City Community Development Corporation (RCCDC) and focuses on assisting small, minority-owned businesses. Creator Lenora Jarvis-Mackey, President & CEO of RCCDC, stated, “The project started out as a strategy to help revitalize the heart of the black business district,” with talks of the project beginning in the early 1990s. At that time, there was a concern that as waterfront development continued to grow, the historic black business district area would be used as parking lots and business owners would lose their spaces. Since the RCCDC was a volunteer group without expertise in the governing laws of community development, Jarvis-Mackey will confess, “It has been a learning process getting The Incubator Project going.”

The Renaissance Square is a 7,000 Square Foot facility that houses the following small businesses:

  • APEX "A Perfect Event Xperience"

  • Connect Center for Wellness

  • Helen Varnadoe

  • iKandy Hair Studio

  • It's All Good

  • People Helping People


For information on leasing retail or office space please call (252)-331-2925 Ext: 227.