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Second Chance

A Second Chance

Second Chance program serves youth having prior referrals to juvenile court, rejection by prosocial peers and/or school behavior problems. Youth are 10-17 years of age and live in Pasquotank County.


Second Chance fosters effective social skills using evidence based curriculum to assist youth who are having difficulty transitioning into adulthood; in addition, Second Chance promotes civic duty, leadership development, access to community service-based learning and mentoring.


For more information, please contact the Restitution Coordinator, Nick Sanders at or at

(252) 331-6312.

Program Details

  • Length of service:4 to 6 months

  • Problem Areas Addressed:

    • Skills - Social Skills

    • Skills - Self-Regulation Skills

  • Ages Served: 10-17 Years Old

    • Target Gender: All

  • After Hours Availability: None

  • Enrollment Requirement: Referral Form

  • Counties Served: Pasquotank

  • Program Classification:

    • Individual and Family Life

    • Individual and Family Support Services

    • Interpersonal Skill Building

  • Payment Type: No charge

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